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About Us

SpaceRadar is THE central hub for Lunar missions. SpaceRadar provides a totally comprehensive look at the future and executed Lunar missions, focusing on the Landers and Rovers technologies, easily available for anyone to see!

SpaceRadar aims to track our solar system's rapidly growing space traffic, starting with a focus on the cislunar economy. This is a centralised knowledge platform that shows what is flying where, and when, with detailed ship manifests. The platform puts all the key data at the fingertips of Lunar explorers like universities, research organisations and resource companies, allowing them to examine all available platforms, as well as join forces to rideshare on missions.

Our team designed this platform to help entities plan missions to the Moon, and easily determine the best vehicles and services for their payload. We want to help the users get a sense of the most suitable transport solutions for their mission goals. Our Payload Platform tool allows users to input their payload configuration and query our database for the best Landers/Rovers available for their unique payload. We hope this tool enables the users to plan the preliminary steps for their Lunar adventure!

Our mission is to provide a diverse set of applications for the expanding cislunar economy. If this excites you, send us a message.


To the Moon & Beyond!

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