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6U Cuberover

Company Name: Astrobotic Technology, USA

Available for future missions 

Planned Mission(s): Available for future missions

First Mission Launch: CubeRover payloads are requested 8-12 months in advance of launch to integrate the payload with the CubeRover. 

Payload Delivery Locations: The CubeRover can safely deliver payloads across the lunar surface - Polar regions, M1: Lacus Mortis, Skylights, Pits, or Caves, Equatorial, Craters, and Far Side regions 

Rover Mass: 10 - 12 kg

Rover Dimensions: To Be Announced

Rover Mobility: Top speed - 10 cm/s 

Nominal speed - 4 cm/s

Payload Bay - Available Mass: Up to 6 kg

Power Source Type: Solar-powered, Rechargeable batteries (Lithium-ion) 

Power distribution (for payload): 0.5 W/kg continuous & 10 W peak power

Interfaces Available for Payload: Customer payloads communicate with the CubeRover using a wired RS-422 connection. 

Communications Available: CubeRover uses 2.4 GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi radio using TCP/IP to communicate with the lander. 

Cost: $4.5 M per kg of payload on the rover for Lunar payload delivery.

Expected Working Duration: Approximately 8 Earth days after touchdown 

First Mission Rover Manifest: 

1) Front and Rear facing cameras. 

2) Two monocular, 16-megapixel cameras are used for navigation and localization.

3) Main structure material - Aluminum. 

4) The system utilizes a combination of visual odometry and onboard sensors to determine its position relative to the Peregrine Lander.

5) Capable of accommodating 4 dual stereo 5-megapixel cameras. 

6) The CubeRover driveline is a four-wheel drive and skid steer, unsuspended and driven by four, flight-qualified actuator modules. Customer payload will be integrated with the CubeRover and then the Peregrine or Griffin Lander.

Last Updated on August 2022

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