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Audi Lunar quattro Rover

Company Name: PTS - Audi & Team of German engineers & PTScientists, Germany

Potentially available for future missions

Planned Mission(s): Potentially available for future missions

First Mission Launch: October 2021 (cancelled) 

Payload Delivery Locations: To Be Announced

Rover Mass: 30 kg 

Rover Dimensions: To Be Announced

Rover Mobility: Maximum speed - 3.6 km/h. 

Payload Bay - Available Mass: 5 kg 

Power Source Type: Powered by solar panels and lithium-ion batteries (rechargeable batteries) 

Communications Available: The PTS exploration rovers will be controlled from Earth using a joystick in real time. It can also communicate with the lunar lander (ALINA) using LTE mobile data communications. 

Expected Working Duration: To Be Announced

First Mission Rover Manifest: 

The rover is made from magnesium-based alloys. It has four electric motors and science-grade high-definition cameras. 

Last Updated on August 2022

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