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CSA Rover

Company Name: ESA & JAXA & CSA

Potentially available for future missions 

Planned Mission(s): HERACLES (Human-Enhanced Robotic Architecture and Capability for Lunar Exploration and Science)

First Mission Launch: 2027

Payload Delivery Locations: First mission planned to land at Schrödinger Crater, Near the Lunar South Pole on the far side of the Moon. 

First Mission Lander: European Large Logistic Lander (EL3)

Rover Mass: 330 kg 

Rover Dimensions: To Be Announced

Rover Mobility: Range: >100 km. It is a Long-duration rover.

Payload Bay - Available Mass: Can carry ≈ 90 kg (200 lb) of Science instruments.      

Power Source Type: Solar panels

Power Generation and Usage: It has a Radioisotope power system that will permit operations during the long and frigid lunar nights.

Communications Available: It will be operated for most of the time from Earth, while during particularly difficult operations, the rover will be operated by astronauts on the lunar Gateway

Expected Working Duration: To Be Announced

First Mission Rover Manifest: 

The international Science Definition Team (iSDT) is currently discussing an appropriate instrument suite, which will most likely include cameras, spectrometers, a laser reflector, and potentially some geophysical instruments. 

The rover would traverse several kilometres across the Schrödinger basin on the far side of the Moon to explore and collect samples to load on the next EL3 lander. It will return about 15 kg of samples from the surface to the lunar Gateway to eventually be brought to Earth by the astronauts on board the NASA Orion spacecraft. 

Last Updated on August 2022

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