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ECA Rover (Ek Choti si Asha)

Company Name: Axiom Research Labs (TeamIndus), India

Potentially available for future missions 

Planned Mission(s): To Be Announced

First Mission Launch: Q3 2020 (cancelled) 

Payload Delivery Locations: First mission was planned to land at Mare Imbrium, 29.52º N and 25.68º W (Just North of Annegrit Crater) 

First Mission Lander: Z-01 Lander (Cancelled)

Rover Mass: Less than 10 kg 

Rover Dimensions: To Be Announced

Rover Mobility: Maximum drive speed - 6 cm/s. Capable of visually exploring the vicinity of the landing site to a range of at least 500 m.

Power Source Type: Solar-powered electric 4-wheeled rover with rechargeable batteries

Power Generation and Usage: The Rover is solar-powered, with a single inclined solar panel, and has rechargeable batteries to support peak power and operations when the solar panel is not illuminated by sunlight. 

Communications Available: Monitoring and commanding of the rover are done exclusively through a lander relay link. 

Expected Working Duration: The rover will operate for 1 lunar day, and is expected to succumb to the long frigid lunar night.

First Mission Rover Manifest: 

ECA rover is equipped with a pair of articulated stereo cameras and a Sun sensor. Hazard avoidance cameras, sun sensors and the onboard IMU allow for enhanced navigational capabilities for the rover. 

ECA will capture HD stereoscopic images and near real-time videos to beam them back to Earth via the lander. ECA is a technology demonstrator tasked with visually exploring the vicinity of the landing site to a range of at least 500 m.

Last Updated on August 2022

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