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Puli Space Rovers

Company Name: Puli Space Technologies Ltd, Hungary

Potentially available for future missions

Planned Mission(s): Potentially available for future missions

First Mission Launch: To Be Announced

Payload Delivery Locations: To Be Announced

Rover Mass: To Be Announced

Rover Dimensions: To Be Announced

Expected Working Duration: To Be Announced

First Mission Rover Manifest: 

The rovers have unique mobility capabilities carrying payloads, as well as a neutron spectrometer instrument to explore lunar water resources, and support In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) activities. 

With the terrestrial prototypes of the Puli rover, the Mission Control team had several successful field tests on Moon and Mars analogue terrains, often cooperating with analogue astronauts (Mission Maunacast at PISCES, Mauna Kea, Hawaii; MARS2013 mission in the Sahara, Morocco; and AMADEE-15 expedition in the Alps, Austria).

Last Updated on August 2022

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