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SERIES-2 (ispace lander)

Company Name: Draper Laboratory, Inc., USA

Potentially available for future missions 

Planned Missions: CP-12

First Mission Launch: 2025

Payload Delivery Locations: First mission planned to land at Schrödinger Basin

Payload capacity - To Orbit: 2000 kg

Payload capacity - To Surface: 500 kg

Cost: ~ US $100 M per mission 

Communications available: The Lander provides wired communications for the payload. Potentially, Wireless communications between mobile payloads and the lander might be available. 

Expected working duration: Up to 28 Earth days after landing 

First Mission Ship manifest: 

1) LuSEE (a flight spare from the FIELDS instrument on the Parker Solar Probe)

2) Farside Seismic Suite (FSS) - to measure moonquakes 

3) The Lunar Interior Temperature and Materials Suite (LITMS)

First Mission Launch Vehicle: To Be Announced

Last Updated on August 2022

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