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The primary goal of this venture is to spread awareness among the growing space sector on the importance of space sustainability and international cooperation and collaboration within the space industry. This is the second essay competition conducted by SpaceRadar to encourage the youth in the space sector to voice their opinions. SpaceRadar intends to focus on these important topics and nurture healthy discussions that lead to sustainable development in space!


  • One entry per person

  • Essays are 600 to 1200 words long

  • Essays must be submitted with an accompanying video presentation of max 10 minutes

  • Submissions will be opened on this page in mid 2024, and end of 2024.

  • Decisions will be announced by end of 2024.

  • Prizes for the competition will be announced soon 2024.

Further Info

  • There will be a call before the prize is awarded to give the author a chance to elaborate on their idea

  • The winning authors will have a chance to propose their ideas to CXOs (CEO, CFO, etc) within the space industry

  • To win cash prizes, the participants must agree to share their names, picture and essays with the public (SpaceRadar Community page) 


Past Essays

10 essays from 6 different countries were submitted for review, out of which, the SpaceRadar team chose 2 exceptional entries as the winners of the essay competition.

“How should society promote sustainability in the growing cis-lunar economy?”

#1 Winner

Ensuring Lunar Sustainability: Focus on Collective Decisions

by Cody Knipfer

Runner - Up

How should society promote sustainability in the growing cis-lunar economy?

by Gourav Namta

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